How to stream games on youtube

How to stream games on youtube - For those of you who have trouble or are confused about how to stream games on youtube this time I will review them and give you how to stream games on youtube.

All you need is an application that you can download from the playstore, YOUTUBE GAMING

This application already has a pretty good rating for its users and not a few people / android users who want to stream live with this application. The youtuber game also uses a lot of applications, because this application is fairly light and makes it easy for us to stream games on youtube.

The method is as follows:

After you download and install the application you open the application and enter your youtube account after you mask the account you select the Golive menu as shown below.

Then you select the game you want to play after that for your live streaming title / info, you can also share your streaming link so that the audience increases, you can share it to WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and other social media after that click Continue. and you automatically enter the game you selected in the initial menu.

Congratulations, you can get live streaming gamers on youtube ...

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