How to get free BTC balance only with telegram APK

Hello friend on this occasion I will share information on How to Btc Btc with Telegram Bots and how it is very easy for all of you friends who are very sika with BTC or you can say money seekers at btc Trading can use this trick and it is very easy.

BTC is buying and selling money or it can also be called trading and is very popular nowadays almost everywhere in the whole world playing BTC friends and in this article maybe you can't wait to do it, right, right down to the bottom you won't will read my platitude hehehe.

Immediately the method is:

You only need an Android cellphone and of course the Internet Connection.

You click here You automatically enter an Android application, Telegram, and you only need to download it if you don't have the application and there are many in the Playstore or Google and the application is also free.

After you enter the Bot Faucet you only need to press the (Faucet) button on your telegram and it will automatically get the BTC balance.

How it works Every 30s or 30 seconds you can click on Faucet and you can Withdraw after the account contains a balance with a minimum Minimum BTC withdrawal is ฿ 0.00500000.

It's easy not to be friends, please help share so that other friends don't miss this trick and hope this tutorial will be useful for my friends and say thank you.

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