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On this occasion I will share tips so that your blogger / blog or wordpres will be accepted by the adsense. In the previous article I have discussed a little about adsense and now as you see this blog has been equipped with adsense ads and if you intend to help us to support this blog to keep it running please click the banner ads listed above.

Talking about Google Adsense is the largest advertising service provider in the world of the internet and many blog owners or websites that certainly register on Adsense because they can make money easily because of Google Adsense, and they are not bothered to find ads here and there, including myself.

The picture above is the email that I received from the adsense which contains his subordinate my account has been fully approved by the adsense. The feeling of joy in the heart is certainly and a sense of gratitude because it is very difficult to register adsense.

And I will give a tip for your blog / web to be received by the adsense.

Registering adsense must use memorable articles and not many pictures or scrip widgets in the blog / web in terms of adsense maybe you should use the original article and not copy or copy paste because articles that come from copas are definitely rejected by adsense. In this case the age of the blog / web is also considered because our traffic on Google is very influential regarding the acc or not the adsense party, the youngest we can register our blog when we are 1 month old and that is the traffic we have to see if there are many visitors or not and are on google search or not because it is very influential.

Now there are also many articles that can be bought but I recommend not to buy articles because the articles that are sold are not only those of us who buy and certainly lots of people and many are uploaded by other blogs and of course later we can get plagiarism or violations.

The original article from our own mind without imitating other blogs interesting content and multiplying that word also the influence in adsense the more words in our article the higher the adsense accepts submission of our blog. Blog maintenance is also a frequent influence of promoting your blog link so that your blog quickly rises in Google search, you can promote via Facebook or Instagram and also Google +.

Hopefully the above article will be useful to comment more or less in the bottom column of the post thank you ...

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