How to Make a Contact Us on Elegant Blog

Contact Us Is a tool to contact the blog admin or blog owner so that blog readers can directly interact, share with the blog owner / manufacturer the following steps:

a. First of all, visit the following link:

b. please set the font, color, size you want as shown below

c. After the above steps, finish observing the picture below, fill in your e-mail that you want to use to receive messages from blog readers / visitors and check the ANTI SPAM PROTECION writing box, then click create formular text as shown below.

d. Copy and paste the HTML that appears after you click the create formular text as shown below.

e. Paste HTML yang anda copy tadi ke blog anda lalu klik simpan.

f. After you save it, you can immediately check the results.

Thank you, hopefully the above tutorial will benefit you all warm greetings ...

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