How to hide the number of Youtube channel subscriptions

On this occasion I will share the turtial hiding the number of subcriber on the youtube channel that we have, talking about youtube, indeed this website has been very many users, not only in Indonesia, even in the world, all accessing YouTube to watch a video, youtube itself now has become a necessity according to my observation like youtube food can be said side dishes because the information we can see also on youtube and youtube itself can be to make money for uploaders of videos on youtube and there are several conditions to be able to earn money from youtube.

Youtube itself produces a lot of artists and creators that are very good even though there are a lot of positive content on YouTube but also a lot of negative content as well as black and white.

First of all.
You must enter your channel as shown below.

Pay attention to the picture above


You click the picture of the gear that I gave the arrow

after that you will find a display like the picture below.

You activate the menu, do not show my subscription, make sure the circle is blue and is on the right and will automatically save.

Congratulations on successfully hiding your subcriber. If you are happy to subcribe my channel and I am just building a channel and remember these words SUBCRIBE IS FREE.

Some tutorials from me, hopefully useful, thank you

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